About Us

Our mission is to modernize the way the energy industry supports their customers. We use a combination of smart meter energy usage analysis, surveys, and engineering models to achieve this goal.

At Peoples Energy Analytics we effectively and efficiently identify energy poverty and abnormal energy consumption patterns in energy customers using a novel algorithm to analyze smart meter data. By using widely available but underutilized data we provide novel solutions for reducing unpaid energy bills, increasing revenue streams, and alleviating energy poverty. Compared to costly and time-intensive survey methods, Peoples Energy Analytics is able to provide a scalable and low-cost solution for utility customer analysis. 

Our statistical analysis methods and data analysis services reduce the cost of identifying at-risk energy customers, and can more effectively measure impacts of investment outcomes. This provides the energy industry with improved grid planning capabilities by more accurately forecasting demand.

Meet the Team

Experts in energy justice, customer behavior analysis, and survey deployment. We use a combination of energy usage data and surveys to identify how to improve the energy customer experience, assist utilities recover lost revenue, while reducing energy poverty.

Dr. Destenie Nock
Chief Executive Officer, Professor Carnegie Mellon University

Shuchen Cong
Chief Technology Officer, Expert in Energy Justice Analytics and Surveys

Our team consists of experts in data analysis, energy systems, and business strategy.

We work with groups of Stakeholders to improve electricity customers experiences.

Data tools proven to expand the field of energy usage analysis and energy poverty through collaborations with electric utilities and energy assistance programs.

We have analyzed data from multiple electric utility companies (Salt River Project in Arizona and ComEd in Illinois). By analyzing smart meter data we can measure social impact and improve services to electricity customers. We have also worked with the Low-Income Housing Energy Assistance Program in DE.

Some of this work is available in online (see our scientific publications), and YouTube videos (short video, long video).

Electricity stakeholder workshops hosted in the US and Ghana.