Data analytics to achieve energy justice and improve your customer’s experiences.

The first energy poverty analytics software that increases revenue for utility companies while reducing energy poverty.

We provide scalable solutions to better understand energy usage, how to deploy more effective energy assistance, energy poverty analysis.

Energy Justice Analytics Using Smart Meter Data and Surveys

We build targeted and scalable energy justice solutions for energy utilities and energy assistance programs to identify how different investments impact customers.

Energy Usage Analytics

Scalable solutions working directly with electric utilities to identify electricity theft, and threats to overall grid reliability.

Consulting Services on Energy Usage, Sustainability, and Energy Justice

Work with organizations to integrate energy justice into their long term strategies. Previous engagements include Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Brattle Consulting Group, and Salt River Project (Electric Utility in Arizona)

“Really important work highlighting how under consumption of energy places low income households at risk of temperature-related illness.…can really help utility companies identify how to improve the customer experience.”

– Russell B.

Let’s discuss how to enhance the lives of energy customers.